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호주 개요
출국전 준비사항
    학교이름   Ability Education 
    국가   호주 
 도시   Sydney 
 학교형태   사립(어학연수) 
 전체학생수   200명이상 
 한국학생비율   20%이하 
 전화번호   Direct : +612 8078 3 
 FAX   612-9211-4899 
 학교주소   NSW 2000
Level 4, 10 Quay Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia 
 홈페이지   www.ability.edu.au  
In August 06 Joe Chadwick and James Huey bought AG Mate Academy. Their vision was to transform the school into the best all round experience for International students. They reinvented the school by moving the school into brand new sunny premises conveniently located near Central Station and by supplying all new equipment; computers, furniture with brand new TVs, DVDs and stereos in each classroom, as well as abundance of microwaves for students to heat their lunch. They also developed a new student service department so student’s needs and problems are always met.

We are well located in the city’s main education, cultural and entertainment district. Our college is a few minutes walk from Central Station, Sydney’s public transport hub. We have many of Sydney’s tourist attractions at our doorstep. We are close to Sydney’s Chinatown well known for it’s wonderful atmosphere, food and activity. One of Sydney’s largest markets called Paddy’s Markets selling fresh produce to clothing and souvenirs, is also a 5 minute walk from the School with close proximity to the Darling Harbour complex. Darling Harbour is a waterside entertainment area with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants and is home to the Entertainment Centre where many indoor rock concerts are held. The school’s location is so convenient and handy to Sydney’s Central Business District and is about half an hour from student accommodation offered by the School.

ABILITY specializes in teaching people from non-English speaking backgrounds to become proficient in the use of the English language. We tailor our teaching methods to the level of competence of the individual student, giving that student confidence in speaking, reading, writing and understanding English. Whether you require English for School, Higher Education, business or even for your own interests, ABILITY has a programme that can suit you.

With the energy and enthusiasm of our qualified teaching staff, English is taught in a very relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere that we believe is the reason why we have become known as the friendliest English language school in Sydney.

1) Quay St Campus
Administration Centre and Student Orientation
Level 4, 10 Quay Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Telephone +612 9211 4161. Facsimile +612 9211 4899

2) Wentworth Ave Campus
Level 1, 16-22 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW 2010, Australia
Telephone +612 9267 2631. Facsimile +612 9267 2632
-2011년 8월 26일~10월 3일 등록학생
pronunciation course (주 20시간) 등록시 학비 주당 $200
General English
코스형태 : 미정 기간 : 4
주당 수업시간 : 20 클래스별 학생수 :
학비 : 1080 등록비 : 150
픽업비 : 0 교재비 : 100
코스설명 :